Welcome Faraday v3.8!

A new version of Faraday is ready for you to try 👊

We know that connection is one of the most important areas for effective teamwork.

So, for this release, we were focused on adding some exclusive features related to communication between internal users. Also, we have changed the way you setup Faraday, enhancing its installation process and making it easier!
Set up Faraday with a double click! We are committed to facilitate your work processes. With that in mind, we enhanced our installation phases, so now it’s easier to have Faraday on your devices: You can download our platform with just two clicks. This is the first step on the hard work we’re doing to migrate our platform to Python 3 (In progress!).
Sailing downwind with Faraday on Docker! Explore Faraday’s whole potential by testing it first with our new Docker images. When you are ready, you can download the whole thing to set it up and upgrade your Risk Management Ecosystem :)

More powerful than a sticky note!
To provide value, information must be complete, updated and well focused.  
Now, you can enrich Vuln data by leaving Comments and Notes, while mentioning other users to notify them about important events in real time. Also, you are now able to configure alerts to follow up on each project, having a more efficient view of their status and updates.

The idea behind this is promoting better ways to get involved with your co-workers by improving communication and daily results. 

New setting options on Web UI!

Forget about logging in each time you want to send a Vuln to Jira or ServiceNOW.  Just configure the ticketing tool you’ll be using from the Settings menu and enjoy working seamlessly.  

If you have any requests or questions, please contact us at sales@infobytesec.com and we'll be happy to assist you on what you need.

Enjoy Faraday v3.8  and stay tuned for the next one!  Faraday v4 is getting closer 🤩

Faraday Crew!

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