Announcing Faraday v3.7

We’re proud to present our latest version, which has new features and improvements to enhance your experience with Faraday

Goodbye to boring reports

In this new version we have extended fields to allow Markdown! You will be able to make your reports look great while being able to automate the reporting process and save time.

Now, you can include images to explain vulnerability steps, add tables, codes, and we also support:

  • Title
  • Bold and italic typography

Click here to find out how to configure Markdown in Faraday:

New vuln preview

With Faraday v3.7 you don’t have to click “edit” to view your vuln. Just click on it and you will see all the information you need. This improvement allows you to have an easy preview of all the vulns in the status report.

Refine your searches for better automation

We included custom fields on Searcher, helping you find and act upon all the elements you need faster. With this new function you can search vulns by different kinds of information relevant for you.

If you have any requests or questions, please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you

We hope you enjoy the update and stay tuned for what's on the way :) 

See you soon!
Faraday Crew

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