It’s here: Introducing Faraday v3.3

New month, new release 💪
We're pleased to announce Faraday v3.3 and would love your feedback. Here’s the main new features and improvements to try out:

Workspace archive👌
You are now able to make the whole workspace read only and archive it for future use. This allows to clear the clutter from all your ongoing projects while giving you the opportunity to continue with your work later on if needed.

Host tags👌
Hosts can now be tagged. With this new feature you can now easily identify production, testing or development hosts.

Zap plugin👌
Do you like using Faraday with Burp? What about sending issues from Burp to Faraday? Now you can do the same with OWASP ZAP!

In this release of Faraday we are including an addon for OWASP ZAP. Now you can send any alert or request found by ZAP into a Faraday Workspace. This is an extension to our collection of more than 70 plugins and integrations with security tools, to help you save time on your daily work.

Add vendor name to host 👌
We added hosts vendor to host list. This feature will show you the vendor when the mac address is set.

Update to the latest version and stay tuned for the next one
(we're already working on it 😉).

Enjoy Faraday v3.3!

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