Faraday v3.0.1 released!

We are happy to announce a new minor release for Faraday- v3.0.1

In this new version, we dedicated ourselves to fixing bugs we saw from feedback from our clients and users when they were trying the beta version and bugs that our team found as well.

We also are releasing a new Firefox add-on and two new plugins.

Updated plugins for Faraday

In this release, we are launching a new version of the Burp plugin and also a new update for
the Zap plugin.

Firefox add-on for Faraday

After our release of v3.0, we launched a new rest API on the server which allows you to modify
all objects in Faraday. Having this new API allows us to create a Firefox extension to interact with
 it and to help pentesters to report web vulnerabilities.

Faraday add-on is an add-on for automating reporting vulnerabilities through the browser within
your own Faraday instance. Faraday add-on intercepts every single request from the browser,
adding a functionality for accessing each one of them and then treating them as a vulnerability.
This way, a pentester only has to use the add-on to send potential vulnerables requests to Faraday, instead of copy-paste-ing them into the server.

You can get the add-on over here: https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/faraday-addon/

Change log
Here is the full change log for v3.0.1:

Bug fix on the workspace and user menu on webui
Updated code to use Flask 1.0                                                                                                   
Add threadfix integration (corp only)                                                                             
Fix create_service fplugin                                                                                                       
Executive report bug fix on tags                                                                                                 
Persistence server bug fix on impact and ease of resolution                                           
Fix unicode error bug on executive reports                                                                     
Updated code to support latest Twisted version                                                             
Updated all requirements to use >=                                                                                 
Fix dry run on create_host fplugin                                                                                               
Fixed del_all_vulns_with and del_all_hosts                                                                   
Improved executive reports status update refresh                                                           
Websocket port is configurable now                                                                               
Change minimum font size in tag cloud                                                                           
Fixed a problem with shodan icon on dashboard                                                                     
Updated license check on deleted users                                                                                 
Users with role client was not able to change password, bug fixed                                           
Updated code to support pip 10                                                                                                   
Added ldap to status check                                                                                                       
Credentials icon aligned                                                                                                         
Daemon now allows to execute faraday server in more than one port and more than one process for multiplexing                 
All views now check for permissions on workspace                                                                 
Pull requests #229, #231, #239 and #240 are merged                                                               
Avoid polling deleted executive reports                                                                                     
Added documentation to project                                                                                                   
Fix self xss on webshell                                                                                                         
Add postgres locks check on status_check                                                                                 
Vuln counter fix when confirmed is on 

Faraday Team!


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