Traveling to Charruacon Sec Conference 2017

This community is getting bigger and bigger every day and continues to spread around the globe. Today, a new conference starts in Montevideo - Uruguay and, from Infobyte, we’ll be there supporting and participating.

Why you shouldn’t miss Charruacon 2017…

· You will find first-class guest speakers
· Security issues will be addressed with a lot of focus on the most trending hacking techniques.
· Two panels of debate: Hackers vs CISOs and Hackers vs Lawyers
· Capture the Flag with prizes!
· The entry is for free ( Register only 😊)

"It seeks to raise awareness about security issues and bring the whitehat hacker philosophy to organizations, promote responsible vulnerability reporting and generate a collaborative environment in search of security improvement at the national level."

Where and when?
11 and 12 May in the main auditorium of the Tower of Communications ANTEL (Guatemala 1075, Montevideo)

For full info you can visit the official Website or write directly to and you can also follow them on Twitter @CharruaCon.

See you in Uruguay? We hope so 😊 🙌
Infobyte Team

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