Faraday Challenge 2016! Empowering the open-source community!

Once again, we want to support and encourage the open-source community. For 2016, we wanted to look at again an interesting project we started last year, which was to reward and inspire all those who, day by day, work to help the open-source community by writing innovative codes.

We have opened the Faraday challenge 2016:
Doing what you love has a reward :)

If you feel that you can develop on Github some interesting and unique contribution to Faraday and want to win free tickets for ekoparty: This challenge is for you!

Get your access for the biggest security offensive conference in Latin America (Buenos Aires - October 26, 27, 28)  in exchange for doing what you love. You could add something new to the lastest version 2.0 (Plugin, alternatives in the dashboard) or, better yet, something that we have not thought of and you have. We invite you to surprise us!

Participating is too easy!

• Login in Github.
• Create a new Pull Request
• You will receive our approval.
• (Your favorite part!) Star to write your code!
• When you are finished, close your pull request
• We are going to review your code and give you the OK
• Ready! Have your eko-ticket.

Some more details

You have time to participate until October 7.

Only one ticket will be given for each feature. But if you developed more than one, you will get more access to share and come to the ekoparty with your best friends.  From all the winners, we will be choosing the best three features proposals and each person will receive a VIP pass.

For any questions, you can contact us by using the hashtag #FaradayChallenge or contact us by twitter in @faradaysec

Ekoparty is coming and the countdown has begun :)

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