New Faraday - Netsparker Partnership

Day after day we try to offer you more options and benefits to do your work more successful.   Here is another great tool that IT security specialists and ethical hackers can't ignore.
Welcome to Netsparker
Netsparker is the developer of the only desktop and cloud based false positive free web application security scanners. Netsparker hosts an advanced suite of scanning technologies that can probe deep into your web application, identifying security flaws that other products merely leave to chance.
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Exclusive Benefits
Faraday and Netsparker have gotten together to offer a 10 % discount for customers who buy both products. This discount also is available for any users or companies already using one of the products and want to start using the other. For more information, ping us at

¡ With Faraday and Netsparker, your toolkit is more and more effective!
Really, still haven't tried the latest version of Faraday???  You can find out more doing click

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