Faraday V1.0.11 Release

We are proud to announce Faraday v1.0.11 (Community, Pro & Corp) is here!

It was a very intense month and a lot of small changes were introduced. Along with these, we are very happy to present a brand new feature; host/service CRUD in WEB UI. With this new version you can manage your Hosts and Services directly from our web interface without the need to run Faraday.

Also, adding to our WEB UI, we created a view to represent your vulnerabilities in terms of prices. Nowadays most companies have their own bounties for vulnerabilities so with this visualization you can quickly see your Workspaces' value. Clicking on severity prices lets you modify them. Try different bounty programs to figure out which one benefits you the most!


Added an interactive visualization to calculate the value of a Workspace

Added hosts CRUD to WEB UI
 Added services CRUD to WEB UI

Added a URL filter functionality to the status report, allowing searches by fields

* Fix ubuntu 15.04 installation bug
* Small bug in burp plugin "Import new vulnerabilities" checkbox issue
* Fixed several bugs in WEB UI including keyboard navigation in modals, modal exit status, etc


Please enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.
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