Infobyte Highlights and Announcements

2014 was without a doubt a memorable year for the IT security community. A wide range of vulnerabilities were found in a number of critical services. Additionally, a number of companies were exposed with critical security breaches; the recent Sony case will serve as a reminder for years to come.

Every year technology grows by leaps and bounds and 2014 was no exception. The increasing ubiquity of basically being connected at all times (whether it be your tablet, phone or fridge), helps further blur the lines between work/life (think; having banking information on company servers, expense accounts mixed with personal credit cards, etc). Additionally, with developers stressing getting products out fast on the market. Not to mention the rise of cloud computing, new digital payment options and big data, there has been to say the least A lot of big changes for IT companies and employees this year.  While these changes can reap huge rewards for an organization, they also unfortunately pose new threats and challenges for the security infrastructure and policies of an organization.

As we saw in the news time and time again, an IT attack is not just an inconvenience for an organization but can cause major harm including the loss of sensitive information, property and lasting damage to your brand. Even in the best case scenario -which for many it wasn´t-, it can still be a major headache for employees and managers alike requiring damage control.

With these new tech trends, Infobyte with their experienced and diverse technical team is on the front lines of defending your organization from today´s and tomorrow´s threats. 

Whether it be new research, innovative trainings or outstanding services we are constantly striving for excellent results for our clients as well as being able to contribute to the community at large.

2014 for Infobyte was also a year of change as the company grew significantly. We stayed busy as always, continuing working on Faraday, attending the major security conferences, organizing the massive Ekoparty 10 and launching PictureMe.

Also, we were able to welcome on board Martin Tartarelli, our new Chief Operations Officer. Martín will be in charge of Red Team Services as well as developing a number of different projects for 2015. Martín said Infobyte was the kind of challenge he was looking for and was excited to work with such a dynamic team. Before coming to Infobyte, Martín was the Head of Information Security Engineering for one of the largest ATM networks in Latin America.

Finally, during the month of December we were able to celebrate and look back on a successful year filled with challenges and growth. We are looking forward to an even better 2015 with new opportunities.

We wish you a healthy and happy New Years and a great 2015!
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