ekoparty 2014 - Auditing thousands of assets at a time without panicking 101

This Wed from 4pm to 6pm in the Salon Cielo, we will conduct a workshop "Auditing thousands of assets at a time without panicking 101."

This workshop will try to introduce to each attendee how to conduct a pentest in a collaborative environment. This workshop is going to try to explain how best to manage  different critical phases of a pentest. Additionally, it will deal with the different problems that can sometimes arise and the different techniques used by collaborative pentesters to increase efficiency and stay organized.

It will let the pentesters try a pentest together with the organizers of the workshops in an ideal practice environment. We will use different tools to do an interactive exercise and talk a little bit about theory as well.The most important part of course, will be the practical part where we will try to simulate problems that happen in real life. Our new product Faraday will be used to help confront these problems.

The idea is to do a practice run so we can recreate the problems that happen to pentesters in as realistic a setting as possible.


Daniel Foguelman:
Masters in Computer Science and university teacher, Daniel has specialized in IT security for many years. He has worked as a pentester for many in Infobyte LLC  and has been a developer for diverse technologies and archuitectures. He is a Core Developer of Faraday.

Matías A. Ré Medina:
With more than 5 years of experience as a Security Researcher with  Infobyte LLC, focusing on web application and client side attacks.
Currently he is developing Faraday y core developer of Evilgrade..
Speaker at the 2013, giving the talk ¨All your sex tapes belong to us¨

Germán Riera:
IT Systems engineer who is currently  a core developer of Faraday. He´s done penetration testing, binary exploitation and has studied cryptography.
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