Divide and conquer: modern collaborative pentesting Training in Shakacon VI

Hi everybody! Wondering what neat course to take in mid-june?

Join us in Shakacon for this cutting edge training.

We aim to introduce each attendee to the most crucial pentesting phases, collaborative work caveats and well known attack vectors, applying organizational techniques that increase efficiency and work throughput in cooperative environments.
To sum up we'll have a short real-life scenario where we'll compare diverse tools and techniques in order to compare penetration testing engagement tools vs Interactive Penetration Environments like Faraday

Finding cumbersome to scale your team while maintaining a good level of throughput and quality? Are you duplicating efforts while pentesting?

We'll be waiting for you!
Join by clicking here

When: June 22, 2014
Where: Shakacon VI - Honolulu, Hawaii

Come for this one day training, we'll also run the two day version of this training on the Eko Party.
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