Surely you are organizing your 2019 and wondering how to reach your new goals. From the Faraday Team we intend to assist you to achieve them easily and faster.

With that in mind, we have been working on our newest version, Faraday v3.5 and here are the latest improvements:

New vulnerability form
We are happy to introduce our new vulnerability form which makes the creation and editing of vulnerabilities easier.  The new form brings you tabs to make it smaller and group different fields.

Custom fields
Add your own custom fields to your vulnerabilities. We currently support str, int and list types. You can also use these fields in your Executive Reports.

Making your environment stronger and more resilient
We added the optional feature for 2nd-factor authentication. You can use any mobile application to use our 2nd-factor authentication.

We hope you'll have a great 2019 and your daily security workflow keeps improving! If you have any request or doubt, please contact us at sales@infobytesec.com and we’ll be ready to assist you.

Update to the latest version and stay tuned for the next one (we're already working on it 😉).

Enjoy Faraday v3.5!

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