Chronicles of a trip to Santiago: 8.8 review

Last day at the office before boarding the plane. Our checklist starts with "putting together the WhatsApp group for the people traveling". We do it and choose a profile picture: Bam Bam Zamorano wearing “La Roja”, probably shouting a goal.
October 23rd We leave for Chile. Buenos Aires - Santiago, a flight of under 2 hours with the mountain range below and the corresponding turbulence.
We arrived at the hotel where they welcomed us with a glass of Pisco Sour. Being a bit more relaxed, we set out to prepare the agenda. All activities begin the next day. First, the FARADAY team will give a ''Web Application Security'' training to one of our local clients and after that, we prepare to share a talk at 8.8 Conference.
The view from the room faces Cerro San Cristobal, crossing the Mapocho (A river crossing the entire city). As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to go there. So, in our free time, we did: Outdoor activities, funiculars, parks with native flora and fauna. With the omnipresence of Costanera Center tower, the tallest building in South America.

Friday 26th

The most important Computer Security Conference organized in Chilean soil starts today 8.8 INFINITY. We had the honor of participating as speakers. The chosen one, one of our developers, Ezequiel Tavella. The talk: “Love is in the air: Reverse Engineering a shitty drone” or ''How to hijack a drone using radiofrequency and wifi''.
This presentation is based on the history of the research made to a Syma drone, from the beginning using SDR and a HackRF to capture the telemetry of the drone in the middle of a flight, through the development of scripts necessary to show it graphically, to sending orders of flight and achieving the hijacking! We reviewed the application available for Android that allows you to connect to the camera of the drone and watch the streaming video, where we discover some vulnerabilities that open the door to "hijack" the streaming video.
End of the first day and to celebrate. We organize a get-together to meet with friends/colleagues. This is what we usually do when we travel, we understand that beyond "the technical" there’s "the human". Experiences, anecdotes, all in an atmosphere of relaxation. Hacking, diverse subjects and soccer, and the photo from our Whatsapp group started to make sense.

Saturday 27th

Second and last day of the conference. Talks are still welcomed with a full room: “For the Love of Money: Finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in mobile point of sales systems”, “Forensic Remote Acquisition using Drones”, “CABLEGEDDON - Private Networks in the WAN”. Prizes are handed out at around 18 pm and another edition of this strong, promising event comes to an end. At night, we all meet again at the closing party to continue celebrating, already a bit more relaxed.

Our sincere congratulations to the organization, 
we know what it takes to make all this the success it was 👌
Hoping to return next year, thank you Chile for hacking and exceeding our expectations ✌

Alejandro Lerena - Faraday Team
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