No need to wait for approval of that budget anymore! Let’s harness Black Friday even more and start it early. You can now improve your tool suite merging Faraday Vulnerability and Risk Management Platform with your favorite security solutions, saving up to 40% off.

For this year we chose exclusive product combinations that empower your daily security workflow because as well as being great, you can also bring them all together into one single platform (one of the many uses for Faraday 😊).

Select the suite that helps you the most:

·        Suite 1:   Acunetix + Lynis + Faraday

·        Suite 2:   Nexpose + Metasploit Pro + Faraday

·        Suite 3:   Burp + Canvas + Faraday

·        Suite 4:   Acunetix + Nexpose + Faraday

·        Suite 5:   Retina + Burp + Faraday

·        Suite 6:   Burp + Nexpose + Faraday

·        Suite 7:   Ida + Jeb + Faraday

·        Suite 8:   Acunetix + Burp + Faraday  

How can I get my discount? 👇🏻👇🏻

2- Select Faraday Professional or Faraday Corporate version.
3- Select the other two items that complete your chosen suite and add them as well.
4- Go to your cart.
5- Inside your cart, apply the code FARADAY-BF2018 under the subtotal price where it says "Apply discount code" and you’ll see the discount applied.
6- Check out your order as you would normally do.

The discount applies to the tools you choose to supplement Faraday in your specific suite.

If you have any questions, please contact us writing to and we'll be happy to assist you in whatever you need.

Keep in mind that this exclusive offer is available from 21st to 26th November and time's running out, so don't let it fly by

Enjoy Black Week 😉 

Faraday Team

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