Faraday v3.2 is officially here!

Enjoy our newest release

We're pleased to present Faraday v3.2. In this latest release we have new features to improve Faraday, here is a list of all the goodies:

Workspace names- with numbers!
With this new version, workspaces’ names are now allowed to start with numbers (before they could only start with letters).

Search unconfirmed vulns
In our previous version we allowed you to filter for all vulnerabilities or the confirmed ones. In this version we added the filter to be able to show unconfirmed vulns as well:

Multi column search
We added support to the operator “AND” on the search field in the Status Report, this is one of the first logical operators that we support in Faraday. We are working to add the “OR” operator soon.

Here is the full change log for version 3.2:

Added logical operator AND to Status Report search
Restkit dependency removed.                     
Improvement on manage.py change-password
Add feature to show only unconfirmed vulns.     
Add ssl information to manage.py status-check   
Update wpscan plugin to support latest version.                                                                 
Allow workspace names to start with numbers. 

Update to the latest version and stay tuned for the next one (we're already working on it 😉).

Enjoy Faraday v3.2!

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