Ekoparty 2018 review

We still can’t believe that we've finished another Eko ... but we did it. One done, many more to come 🙌.

As with all past editions, we aim to participate by creating a new space that motivates and inspires both the attendees and ourselves to come together once again.

For our Crew, this is a challenge and also an opportunity: we inspire each other to think of new content and both attractive and interesting activities for the community, as well as meeting spaces with more comfortable settings. This encourages us to investigate, rethink and transform (tasks that every good hacker enjoys 😁) from everything that we’ve learned, year after year, in the previous events.

To achieve our goal, we designed different activities and proposals for this year:

A spacious place that combined technology with artisanal skills, complete with an extra-large screen where we shared the most valuable insights of our product and a personalized area (a super relaxing living) where we offered freshly made coffee in the mornings ☕️ and craft beer on the last day, to share and celebrate the event 🍻.

Our own CTF everyone was invited to participate in (which added points for the CTF of the conference!). Our Red Team was in charge of this proposal: this time, they decided to leave behind the Jeopardy style and change to something similar to 'HackTheBox', with real machines containing the challenges. Please, check out our exclusive blog to know all the details, prizes and winners.

We presented our Official Faraday Workshop where everybody got to get a glimpse of what Faraday is, what it does and how it can help any team optimize their processes to focus on their work and objectives.

We were present at the Ekolab, where Javier, Leonardo and Zoe set out to show Faraday from within and offer the deepest insight on the platform. And as in our team nobody stays outside, simultaneously in different rooms Javi Aguinaga shared his talk on "How to make PDF readers with floating points" while our COO, Martín Tartarelli, met with those interested in being part of our staff at Ekodating.

As every year, we went out to do Wardriving from Buenos Aires city to discover WiFi links and try to create a map showing the existing accesses, this time supplemented with a previous workshop 🖐️ "Do Drink & Wardrive".

Ekoparty always has a special moment: the closing stage where we met to celebrate and thank you all for being part of a great event and for helping us make it real for yet another year 🖤 And this time, in addition, we had a very special announcement: ekoparty is coming to USA in 2019, so prepare your passports ✈️

All this is for you and with you!
Our whole Team would love to thank everyone who joined us at #eko14 😍 
You’re always the best!! See you all again next year. 

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