The potential of the open source community is huge and one more time our team wants to honor and expand it. We invite you to participate in the Faraday Challenge version 2018!

We trust in your power to innovate and transform, to think out of the box and add value to our projects with a renewed perspective. That's why we invoke your creativity and reward you with tickets for Ekoparty 2018 🙌 💻 the most awesome offensive security conference in Latin America (Buenos Aires - September 26, 27, 28 at Ciudad Cultural Konex).

Game of Codes 🎮

If you feel that you can develop or make an innovative contribution to Faraday v3.0 we encourage you to participate! Share your work and win tickets for Eko14, where we will love to meet you and have a good time surrounded by what we enjoy most - great talks, challenges, games, demos, workshops and beer.

It’s very easy to participate!

  • Login in Github
  • Fork the Faraday Project (http://github.com/infobyte/faraday)
  • (Your favorite part!) Start to write your code!
  • When you are finished, create a pull request
  • We are going to review your code and give you the OK
  • Ready! Have your eko-ticket

Some ideas that might be interesting

  • New visualizations for the Dashboard
  • Improvements on the documentation
  • Tutorials showing your creative uses for the platform
  • New integration with other tools (ideas for previously requested tools here http://bit.ly/2gmrqON)

Keep in mind these important details
  • You have time to participate until September 20th.
  • Only one ticket will be given for each feature. But if you developed more than one, you will get more access to share and come to the Ekoparty with your partners and friends.
  • From all the winners, we will be choosing the best three feature proposals and each person will receive a VIP pass.
  • And for the big prize, one proposal will be selected as the winner and receive an airplane ticket* to attend the conference!

For any questions, you can contact us by using the hashtag #FaradayChallenge or contact us by twitter in @faradaysec

Ekoparty is coming and we'd love to see you there 🙋

* Up to 2k USD dollars. Restrictions may apply.

Faraday Team
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