Faraday at Ekolabs - Ekoparty 2017

Ekolabs is a special area designed at Ekoparty for researchers and the Open Source Community to present their projects. This year, our team presented Faraday at Ekolabs.

We took this opportunity to show the attendees how to start using Faraday from scratch. We used the GTK client to create a blank Workspace, launch tools for reconnaissance and scan using the OWASP Top 10 methodology, tracking the progress from the Tasks manager in the Web UI.

We simulated an environment with more than one pentester working at the same time, and showed how the results appeared in the Web Dashboard, the GTK notifications for newly created objects, etc. Vulnerability Templates were also used to improve the workflow on common vulnerabilities.

This was a great chance to encourage Faraday newbies to use the platform, help them take their first steps and answer some common questions. All in all it was a great experience and we're very thankful to have been invited!

If you missed us, here are the most common questions we received:

  • Q: Can I use the Faraday Client with more than one user using tools like nmap?
    A: Yes! That is one of the intended use-cases for the platform
  • Q: Do you support the most used penetration test software?
    A: Yes, we provide interactions with more than 60 tools
  • Q: If you don’t support a tool, how can I add support to it?
    A: You can ask us to add your favorite tool in case it isn't supported yet or you can also code your own Plugin :)
  • Q: Is Faraday free?
    A: Yes! Not only is the Community Edition free, but it is also Open Source! Read more about Faraday versions
  • Q: I want to test Faraday Community, which is the easiest way to do it?
    A: Download a Kali VM and double click on the Faraday icon!
  • Q: I already have a pentest methodology, can Faraday be adapted to it?
    A: Sure! Click on the "new" button in the Tasks perspective from the Web UI to create a blank Methodology or "import" to upload a CSV

Faraday Team

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(Colaboración: Micaela Ranea Sanchez )
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