Upcoming Webinar: Taking Faraday v2.5 to the max

A few days ago, we released Faraday v2.5 and we are very happy with how it’s turned out. We hope you’re enjoying it as well 😄! We believe that each new version means improvements and benefits for your work and growth for us, that's why we dedicate a lot of energy and effort to them.
A new webinar to learn and share together
We want to invite you to our next webinar where we'll be sharing and reviewing this new version of Faraday, making a tour of the platform, answering your doubts and sharing the advances and news.
Where and when?
The meeting is on Wednesday, June 14th at 3PM (EST) and you can join in by clicking on  http://youtu.be/HIcU8o8ywoY (Our official YouTube channel).

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