Faraday Arsenal BHAsia 2017 Review

Once again, Faraday cross the ocean to land in Singapore for BlackHat 2017 Arsenal. We present the latest features of Faraday 2.4 and as big surprise, this 2017 edition double from last year!

We show the tool and have great feedback, clearly Faraday start to be spreading across the globe, regardless the language, as an example the ability to produce your own CWE in 日本語 and import them into Faraday, show the real multi-user experience!

For terminal lovers, we show the power of fplugin! given you full control to use & manipulate Faraday data under a single umbrella.  

Once again, we found ourself surrounded by people questions, doubts and excitement to see new features.

This year we saw a great amount of tools, from GSM to code-scanners (and pretty much everything in between)

We do need to apologize for running out of stickers, same way Faraday grow in features, our stickers became cooler & cooler 😄

Once again, thank for listening!
Faraday crew

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