JEB & Faraday together

We always work to offer the best security solutions for your company. With that in mind, day after day, we join forces with others partners to get better results and have greater effectiveness, because of that you can get JEB (PNF software) and Faraday together, making a great suite for IT security specialists.
JEB is one of the main decompilers for Reverse Engineering for IT Professionals. You can use it to perform disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and analysis of code and document files.  JEB is a powerful, flexible and extensible tool for any security professional who want to work with one of the best reverse-engineering platforms.

  •         Use JEB to perform reverse engineering of malicious APKs and security audits.
  •         Perform static and dynamic analysis of Android applications, goodware or badware, small or large.
  •         Analyze malicious Adobe™ PDF files using the best PDF document analyzer in the industry.

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Get JEB with Faraday together

Faraday is a cutting-edge software that transforms security audits, helping CISOs and their teams, because it allows them to perform extensive analysis in a collaborative way, managing different tools from a single platform. Our goal is that you can reuse all the knowledge generated during the audit process, reducing time, and providing greater visibility for the actions carried out by your team.

Think of Faraday as the base where you run all your other tools and where all the disparate information is stored. It supports 50+ tools and if your favorite is not on the list, you can send us your suggestions.
Trial the latest version of Faraday v2.0 using the best new features and perform your audit like you never before. Visit our site

Get your exclusive benefit

Faraday and JEB have gotten together to offer a 10 % discount for customers who buy both products. Also, this discount is available for any users or companies already using one of the products and want to start using the other. Get in contact with us and find out more about the project, write us at or visit our new Faraday Appstore

JEB & FARADAY, innovative tools for effective security.
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