Visit our new Faraday App Store

Day by day, we work to design solutions that help improve information security systems

With that goal, we are now presenting the Faraday App Store, a place where you can acquire and merge essential tools to optimize security audits for your company.  

In our market you will find the most popular commercial tools, gathered in one place, giving you access to a wide variety of complementary solutions that provide value, quality and efficiency for your work”.

Core Impact, Acunetix, Burp, Netsparker, Immunity Canvas and Maltego are some of the solutions you will find in the Faraday App Store, divided by categories according to their capabilities so that you can acquire them, based on your company needs.

All the Apps that we distribute in the store are integrated with Faraday, our vulnerability management platform, from which you can perform security audits working collaboratively and thus, obtaining better results.

In the Faraday App Store, we offer a wide range of exclusive discounts and promotions so you can purchase and trial the products, without breaking the bank.

Finally, inside the store you will find the option that you can incorporate your own application in the market. Have you made a plugin yourself? And you want to share it with the community? Get in contact with our team and we would evaluate the opportunity.

Thanks for support & Welcome to Faraday App Store 

Faraday App Store is developed by Infobyte Security Research.
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