The Faraday Challenge

Here at Infobyte we have a lot of love for the open-source community. Since we started the project we have had amazing enthusiasm and support from the Faraday community. We thought it would be cool to reward the people writing code and making awesome contributions.

We present to you, (short drum-roll).... The Faraday Challenge! 

What is it?
Basically, anyone that develops something useful for Faraday on github will receive free tickets for the ekoparty, the biggest offensive security conference in Latin America. The new feature can be a new plugin, something on the dashboard or another cool thing no one has even thought of yet. If you think it would be good to have, probably other people would like it as well. Behold the power of the open-source community!

How do I participate?
It's easy!

1. Sign-in to Github
2. Create a pull request
3. We assign you that pull
4. Start coding!
5. When you are done, close the pull request
6. We review the code
7. We give you the OK
8. Boom, you have your ticket

Additional Info
The Faraday Challenge will be open until October 10th, 2015.
Only one ticket will be given for each feature. If you are a beast and submit multiple features and want multiple tickets to give to your buddies, we're cool with it :)

From all the winners, we will select the three best submissions and each person will be granted a VIP ticket!

If you have any questions you can ask us at #faraday-dev at or you can send us a question on twitter @faradaysec

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