Faraday 1.0.14 New Release

The last couple of weeks we were thankfully able to get a lot done and I think it reflects in that we added A TON of cool new features. With that in mind we are happy to present to you Faraday v1.0.14 (Community, Pro & Corp).


* Adding Iceweasel browser > 38.2.0 supported
* Adding filename path information of report imported in history command
* Remove old couchdb upgrade process
* Adding more navigability in differents GUI Web (Dashboard/Services/Views)
* Refactored GUI Web:
  Icon added for Modal Error
  OS, Creator, Date for modal-services-by-host
  Fixed typo in Host Edit, the popup message was wrong
  Also, added hover to grey boxes in the Dashboard.

* Added vulns count for Hosts in WEB UI
* Added a filter to commons which returns intersection between two lists.
  Also, added a filter that, given a list of tags, which returns all items that
  have them. This filter uses intersection.
  Fixed warnings to appear only when selected vulns present the issue.


* Added Nexpose XML Export plugin (2.0)
* Added masscan plugin (1.0.3)
* Medusa, Hydra & Metasploit plug-in now added discovered weak credentials as a vulnerability
* Nmap plug-in applyies a severity depending on the result of a NSE script
* Updated w3af plugin to support report version 1.7.6
* Added "Search in Shodan" links in different views (Status Report, Host View, Service View)

Bug fixing:
* Fixed small bug in reset_admin_couchdb.sh
* Fixed bug in the generation of evidence
* Fixed bug copy clipboard offline (update path of ngClip dependeces)
* Added class to set colors to severities in new/edit vuln view
* Fixed small bug for empty ease of resolution
* Adding more time to generation shells QT
* Removed required of name field service bulk edition
* Added ng-disabled on Edit button if select more of 1 host on Host View WEB UI
* Fixed bug for admin without _config created
* Ignored cwe database from updater and QT views

We hope you enjoy it, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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