Faraday v1.0.8 Release

    Hi all! We are happy to announce that Faraday v1.0.8 has been released. 
    A special thanks to all the community feedback and support. If you find an issue or what a new feature, please report it or better yet create a pull request
  • This release provides the following features:
    • WcScan script and plugin (scripts/wcscan.py)
      • We added a plugin for Faraday that is a tool to verify configuration file currently we support web.config and php.ini. The potential vulnerabilities (or the real ones) show up in gray on the analysis report, that one can easily export to XML format.
      • Follow the steps below:
        1. Open Faraday using the following command./faraday.py 
        2. Now that you Faraday open, go to scripts folder (cd scripts)
        3. Execute the command ./wcscan.py "location of php.ini/web.config" 

    • New Dashboard D3 with AngularJS
    • Easy access to Vulnerability pages in the Status Report
    • Easy access to the Host pages on the dashboard
    • Creation and Editing capabilities for the Workspace from the UI Web
    • Support installation for the latest version of Debian/Ubuntu/Kali
    • sqlmap version 1.0-dev support updated
    • API Status Check in both ZSH & QT GUI
    • Field added for resolution of vulnerabilities classification with plug-ins updated to support the new function.
    • Field added for rating "ease of resolution" for vulnerabilities
    • Adjustments for Resolution field
    • New Faraday plugin for Burp. Version 1.2 
      • Corrections for the vulnerabilities duplication for the burp plugin 
      • New tab section to configure the new Vulnerabilities downloads for Faraday
    • Automated backup for couch database
    • Ability to upload evidence of a vulnerability (as an attachment)
    • Ability to assign Vulnerability Impact (confidentiality, integrity, availability).
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