Do you want to be a EKOparty ambassador?

EKOparty is looking for people that want to get involved behind the scenes with the EKOparty staff. The idea is to keep on growing what is already the biggest offensive cyber security threat in Latin America, with more and more specialist each year.

If you work in a company or organization that has more than 50 people and you want to be the ambassador, all you have to do is ask five coworkers to nominate you to be the EKOparty ambassador. "I nominate @john doe as the #ekoambassador of X company"

The ambassador will have special exclusive benefits, including, a free ticket to the event, an invitation to the VIP dinner with all the speakers along with lots of other goodies!

All the groups from the company will get a discount on both the event and trainingsAND if that wasn´t enough each member of the group will get a limited edition EKOparty t-shirt.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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