Collaborative Pentesting Workshop in ISSA

August 15th we did our last workshop about Collaborative Pentesting at ISSA Argentina. The main focus of this workshop was the different phases and tasks when you start a team pentest.

During this session we discussed in-depth, collaborative pentests, that are becoming more and more common everyday. We looked at different scenarios where the resources involved in the core business of a client must be protected.  Early detection of these vulnerabilities are essential and are reflected in time, money and the company’s reputation.
REF: Photo of ISSA Session.

Some of the topics were: 
·  Monoplayer VS Multiplayer Pentesting
·  Typical issues during a pentest
·  The current fixes and tools
·  How to run multiplayer projects and take advantage of the different resources
·  How to boost the productivity and how to understand everything when things are running simultaneously

The speakers were Germán Riera and Daniel Foguelman (photo at right), the main developers of Faraday, the first collaborative pentest tool. This tool covers all the requirements of  collaborative pentesting and allows clients and pentesters to have a more productive, fully integrated work station.

A full training is available in the next Ekoparty: “DIVIDE AND CONQUER: MODERN COLLABORATIVE   PENTESTING. It will assess the main concerns regarding a collaborative pentest. How to plan and assign tasks, plan execution and report generation. We will show all the new tools available in a real world environment and we will work in teams to practice and better understand everything one can do while using Faraday.

Training course will come with an exciting test laboratory that will challenge your team skills! Come join us!

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