Faraday new features: (Notifications, Workspace split, Performance, Api)

Dear Faraday followers, we know have been waiting your monthly update, but you must know how defying is to develop in potentially shippable increments. But here we are, delivering new features each month so you can take the most advantages in your pentests.

That's why we are happy to announce our latest's features.

  • Notifications: Updating objets on faraday now results in a beautiful notification in the QT ui.

  • UI: Workspace split, now you can select the workspace to visualize. We are now using bootstrap.

  • Performance: Enhacing performance when lots of workspaces are available.We now load each workspace whe it's needed instead of loading ahead the full workspace list.
  • API: New operations on the Rest API (this is just for the following UI modifications). Vulnerability update and delete operations.

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