National program of critical infraestructures and cybersecurity in Argentina

The presidency of our nation through the cabinet of ministers has honoured us inviting Infobyte Security Research to participate in GESI, a "Group of Experts on Security and Computer Law ". The objective of this group is to provide advice to the program that protects the national public sector strategic and critical infrastructures.

The national program of critical infraestructures and cybersecurity, ICIC (spanish acronym), was created by the cabinet of ministers, dependent on the Presidency of the nation, in July of 2011.

The primary mission of the ICIC is to identify and protect critical infrastructures of national public sector, as thus of interjurisdictional agencies, civil society organizations and private sector requiring it. The ICIC has attached so far the following entities: Banco Nación, Argentine army, the National Lottery and the National Institute of Industrial property or PAMI (INSSJP) among others. Infobyte Security Research is one of the first private companies in it, along with others such as Microsoft Argentina or Eset Argentina.

Some of the objectives defined for the ICIC by the resolution 580/2011, governing its creation are: Manage reports of security incidents in the national public sector, monitor the services provided over the internet, establish priorities and strategic plans to lead cybersecurity approach.

Recently, with the aim of advising the ICIC to fulfill its mission, the cabinet of ministers formed GESI. Renowned specialists in the area of law, in the sector of computer crimes of federal police, and from the national office of information technology (ONTI) have been invited to GESI.

Within the private sector, Infobyte Security Research, through its CEO, Francisco Amato, was one of the first companies invited to participate in this advisory group. GESI is also responsible for the creation, generation and editing of content that help an awareness of information security, from different sectors of society

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