Barracuda Spam Firewall Cross-Site Scripting


Barracuda Spam Firewall Cross-Site Scripting

Version: Barracuda Spam Firewall firmware v3.4.10.102 
It is suspected that all previous versions of Barracuda Spam Firewall are vulnerable.


The Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution designed to protect your email server 
from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks.

More info:


The Web Administration Console is vulnerable to a Pre-Auth Cross-Site Scripting due to a failure of the application to properly
sanitize user-supplied input prior to including it in dynamically generated web document when logging in with a username that 
contains javascript injections and only while the "Monitor Web Syslog" screen is open. 

Example :
Inserting HTML/Javascript in the username form it will be injected, only if 
an autheticated user has the "Monitor Web Syslog" open. 


This can lead to credentials stealing.


Vendor advisory:
Vendor patch: 
     Upgrade to Firmware 

08/24/2007  Initial vendor notification
08/27/2007  Initial vendor response
09/06/2007  Fix released by vendor
09/21/2007  Coordinated public disclosure


Federico Kirschbaum is credited with discovering this vulnerability.


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